About Us

OVBO is an innovative revenue management tool that takes the most from edge AI, big data and web cloud technologies to provide accurate boarding forecast for overbooking.

It’s the result of a partnership between FlywareLabs and Tarmac that made OVBO possible through:

Engineering experience


RM know how

Industry feedback

Leadership team

Passion for the airline industry

Charly Neuman

Charly Neuman

Founder and CEO
Former airline CIO, Delivery and Engineering manager with +20 years in the tech industry.

Alvaro Barros

Alvaro Barros

Former airline CTO, Strong engineering background building scalable and robust solutions for commerce.

Nicolas Andriano

Nicolas Andriano

Data Specialist Lead
Former airline Head of RM and data scientist with deep analytics & mathematics background.s

Juan Afeltra

Juan Afeltra

RM Guru
Founder of TARMAC and former Sr. Director S&S LatAm.


Our technology helps RM teams to automatically optimize their overbooking strategy and stay focused on the core RM business



Our AI Algorithm predicts each PAX no-show probability so we can recommend an optimal lid for each flight



Fully integrated with the PSS in order to provide a proactive recommendation on a daily basis



RM teams can customize business rules to adapt OVBO to markets and business requirements

How it works

1. PSS Feed stored in data lake to keep 100% history available for regression.

2. Training Algorithm uses Flown data to update predictive model.

3. Predictor Algorithm takes future data to predict show / no-show probability.

4. Based on probability, model defines a new LID to overbook each flight according to passenger individual no-show probability.

5. Update LID into PSS to update overbooking limit.

PNR data explains no-show more than we believe... and we know how to capitalize it


Long AP Passengers tend to show-up less at the airport


PAX who suffered PNR modifications also show-up less as well

Main Features

- Web Responsive

- Secure Cloud based solution

- Live Health Check

- Rules Management

- Custom enhancement

- Exclusive predictive model

- RM Integration

- Ad hoc airline features

- Tableau integrated reporting services

- RM consulting services

- Sync with external DB